Monday, October 10, 2016

Cybathlon - Future Now!

Arenas have entertained us by displaying sport and grit. We as humans have always been fascinated and/or indulged in games and sports. It is an innate human behaviour, that which we believe stems from ages ago. However, these events also test what humans can achieve. What a five sensed creature with a tiny, yet powerful microprocessor aka 'the brain' can achieve.

We nurtured this brain of ours and started conquering the world as we know it. Humans simply thirst and are greedy for more. For more knowledge, more power, more command and control. It worked since ages. We conquered neighbouring cities, then crossed oceans, then took continents, the space and now disability. We are slowly avenging the fact that our presence is puny in this universe. We do that by displaying an exploding footprint.

But, there is a glimpse of the future here. Future Now. Paralysis, amputation and disability are slowly being shifted from the realm of inability to the realm of swag. Slowly, yet fascinatingly.

The Cybathlon that kicked off this year at Zurich, is one witness. We are here now. Our fantasy, the movies, the dreams that we had as children are no more such things. They aren't fantasy now, they are a reality in the pipeline.

The arena looked like it was the womb to another series of Olympic style events, but for advanced technology in rehabilitation. Check out their highlights here. Lo and Behold!

The Arena
The event touched on six different themes. Brain Computer Interface, Exoskeleton Race, Powered Arm Prosthesis, Powered Leg Prosthesis, Powered Wheelchair and electrically stimulated Bike race. People competed against each other using their brain waves, simply by thinking smart. People who were paralyzed waist down biked and raced against each other. People with missing limbs were showing off their cool cyborg like limbs.

Paraplegic biking with electrically stimulated legs
Each of these events were cheered on by the spectators. Nobody was ignored. No one was boo-ed. Everyone was motivated and pushed on, and people on the field were glee-ing and showing off their teeth!

Paraplegic making his own steps and doing the unthinkable
The tasks they had set out to do were items of daily activities. The tasks ranged from hanging clothes using clips, screwing light bulbs, carrying saucers over stairs, climbing stairs, stepping stones and so on, each showing off what the new tech they were wearing can do. 

I was intrigued by the wheelchair and Exoskeleton races. They could do amazing feats on the arena, which a few years ago would have been limited to a few research projects or conceptual ideas. Yet, they are now inching towards commercial ubiquity.

That's a Cyborg in the making

Zurich has now laid out a standard for competition in prosthetics and assistive devices for the years to come. An avalanche has begun.

As I sat there absorbing what is being transpired, I kept hearing this 'Its a good time to be alive'. The hair on my hands stood up in agreement. The next one is in 2020. So perfect for the Vision 2020, many world leaders had, as our very own Abdul Kalam. 

And as we conquer disability, we expand our arenas. We keep boasting. We smite our chests and stand tall. Is someone watching? Are we worthy yet?

Yes. We are super-humans. We are the future. Let it soak in.

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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

How Dumb Are We?

Dr APJ Abdul Kalam was declared dead on 27th July 2015. He left behind several inspiring thoughts and ideas for a balanced community.

It was after his death, that I realised one incredible truth about us.

No, not that we respect him alike. That was astounding. Its rather that we are really dumb. Really really dumb.

Hii guys....    Important
We should be very proud that we are         " THAMILAN " . Thats US President OBAMA is coming to madurai for OUR LEGENDRY "DR.A.P.J.ABDUL KALAM"   burial ceremony... through madurai airport he is going to rameshwaram & for every journey he will anounce his security before six months but now he is coming to madurai only for our THE GREAT LEGENTRY DR.A.P.J. A. KALAM JI. Atleast we can share it And proud to be tamilan...

I know! This forward from one of my whatsapp groups is so annoying, I do not know whether to cry for the mistakes in grammar or the absurdity of the statement made. Anushka Sharma's blunder is forgivable.

Messages like these were inevitable when mobile phones first came into our lives, 8 years ago. Forward chains, nonsense threats all gave us no option to verify its authenticity. But now, there is Google.

I woke up the past few days following the announcement of his death reading messages claiming everything under the sun. One said that the flag at the White House was flown at Half Mast to commemorate his death. And the tagline below every message is 'Proud to be an Indian' or even worse, 'Proud to be a Tamilian'. I sieved through and I can tell you, it is not true. 

Petitions asking for 'His birthday to be celebrated as World Students Day' can be stomached. Though there could be better options, I can accept this statement. But what is stupid is that people forwarding posts that claim it has already been announced.

Arent we mature enough to take five seconds and verify the facts before we send them on our innumerous whatsapp groups. Did you know, the first result that came up when I searched for Abdul Kalam World Students Day was

My sister of nine years has her own tab. I doubt she will believe the authenticity of a site with such a name.

But today even Yahoo News, Zee News and India TV followed suit. An Assamese minister also claims the same. That my friends, is a crowd funded lie becoming news on a national network. Just imagine the power that we as a common man hold over dumb people.

And honestly, did you love him so much that you want to see him on your currency? I look at it like a pressure cooker on stove. When the pressure is high, there is too much excitement, but it eventually dies off. Until the next build up.

It is not this week that we receive such posts on our groups. Its almost everytime. I sincerely implore you to take time and type the keywords of the forward on a search engine. If you find a website that sounds like '', I say, stay away.

Its 2015, folks. People are becoming cyborgs today. Lets not be sheep.

Having said all these, I will be really sorry if the news mentioned here turn out to be true. But if it is true and you have sources claiming to be, please post here in comments. But double check your source's authenticity.

I know, too much gyan. Just letting off steam.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Is the Vishwaroopam Anger Justified?

The voice of the few Muslims that rippled across the nation, gigantic enough to influence the no-nonsense Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, Mrs Jayalalitha to ban the screening of the movie Vishwaroopam/Vishwaroop is to be duly recorded. 

I would call it the moment of Double Standards. One cliché I can never find to let go.

The movie franchise in India, South India to be more precise is more than just a market. The impact of the three hour product does not stop there. They deliver such an impact, that they are registered sub-consciously in the minds of those who watch it. This is why you find giants such as Rajesh Khanna and Rajinikanth only in India. People go on to ape what they see in movies. They are sponges.

Entertainment is education in India. My vocabulary and knowledge of things in general would be half of what is now, if I weren’t a movie addict.

Kamal Haasan isn’t simply any other actor who is trying to etch his name in Indian cinema. He is a national figure. A giant in the film industry, so much so that his words are considered gospel for film buffs. Also his movies are never the usual type. They always carry a message. That comes across either a slap on the face or hidden in his highly “indecipherable” choice of words. He is, simply put, a brand.

Therefore, if Kamal Haasan, the brand, can show Muslims in a darker light, it becomes obligatory on him to show the other side of the story or else it doesn’t stay as a work of fiction. It becomes an extended opinion.

It is the same breath that I believe that what he puts in a film, transforms as a general opinion of masses, gathering a cult following. And it is thereby, scrutiny is very necessary.

I am dying to watch the movie, simply because of all the hype around it.  

I would love reviews to actually focus on what was being alleged as inducing social disharmony to what was being shown on screen. Most of them rather skim away after touching on the topic.

My friend Sindha states,
The protest is only for the dialogues and scenes which portray Quran as the guide book to terrorism, and all Muslims as terrorists. Mosques are shown as safe houses, Imams (people who head daily prayers) are shown as terrorists, Adhan (call to prayer) is shown as signals to plant a bomb and every time someone decides to blow himself up, a prayer is performed.

These scenes are in fact sensitive. They drive home the idea that all things Islamic is terrorism oriented. And I empathize with TMMK in this regard.  

But if indeed Kamal Haasan is an undercover MUSLIM Indian RAW fighting the Talibans, I am proud. But do they show a link between Kamal Haasan’s mettle and Islamic teachings? Or simply brand it as patriotism, yet again failing to exert the fact that Islam is not parallel with Terrorism.  

It matters. What Kamal does in real life as well as in his works of fiction are more inspirational than entertaining. It thereby becomes his duty to watch where to tread.

It was expected of the social media that movie freaks would rise to the occasion and go about slandering the protest as did the political party TMMK that spearheaded the protest against Vishwaroopam.

The ban was battled out heatedly in twitter and facebook. People did come up with absurd lines to support either side.  

A few statuses and tweets to note: -

- As Raj Sardeep Desai says, if you do not like a movie do not watch it. I am surely baffled by the statement. It sounds more of a “Screw you, we do not care” attitude.

If India was so open minded, why was there a huge noise heard when Asadudin Owaisi made his attacking and offensive remark. Why didn't they choose not to hear?

Why were the two girls in Mumbai arrested for putting up a post that allegedly ‘disrupted’ social harmony among the RSS? Why didnt they choose not to see?

When people choose to be sentimental, event specific, secularism vanishes from the law.
In the same context, Please Mr Ajith Kumar, India is a soup of religions, so hard to count. Each split across diverse languages. Secularism always lies on a thin line between silence and noise with the ends being held by politicians. No country is secular. Only the citizens can work to remain secular. It is never equipoise. It leans towards the majority. It is always hard work on the minority, to constantly remind the others of the sensitivity in the relationship.

And honestly it is double the hard work for us Muslims to smile and bend in a society that never looks at us without the Terrorist tag hovering around our heads. The usual sneer and remarks a Muslim gathers from his colleagues and others, tests more than his patience.

Also secularism doesn’t impose a non religious, non sect or non caste oriented outlook alone. It also encompasses prohibition of discrimination based on similar lines.

When MF Husain had his controversy with his derogatory paintings, there wasn’t any Muslim group backing him up. We shared the platform with you people. We expect the same respect from our brothers here. If the allegations are true, will you people take our side?

I sincerely doubt that.  

- It was also surprising to see a majority of Non Muslims finally agreeing with the fact that All Muslims are not Terrorists. Every comment stream has one person quoting the same. This was the positive side of the whole issue. They would continue to ask us to watch the movie ignoring our sentiments. But they have come on terms desperately put out by Muslims.  

Indians are true chameleons

But then, somehow, the T- word always finds its alliance with Muslims. As the TMMK started their protest, the minute later they were branded “Cultural Terrorists”. I have no freaking idea why people fall short of words. Or why Kamal Haasan did not attempt to use his infinite vocabulary to choose any word other than Terror. 

Samuthrakani from Neerparavai, a tamil film rightly states “Naanga summa irundha thappu, Kootama iruntha theeviravatham.” That roughly translates to “If we sit idle, it isn’t right, and if we speak for ourselves, it is branded terrorism.”

-And for those who protested saying No Muslim country has banned the movie, I think it is time for you to retract your statements. Malaysia has ordered a ban on the movie. 

-And a huge face-palm moment when people go around in social media asking not to download the pirated version. Again double standards. Where was this voice for the many other movies that you guys have already torrent-ed or will, in the future.

 At the rate the movies are being centered on terrorism, I think it is necessary that a title card be introduced that mentions the difference between terrorism and Islam and that the latter is not a container of the former. Just like they have one for smoking.

To paraphrase, I am happy there is a voice growing to the needs of muslims, politically. Jayalalitha secured her vote bank for the next round of elections. I am rather pissed though at the fact that it irritates people if Muslims use our right to question. We did not hurt anyone, physically.

If at all, the scenes do little or no “disruptions” to social harmony, I kindly suggest TMMK to focus on matters more pressing and not wait for the next movie to ban. 

If we do not tell you people what hurts, us, when will you ever learn.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Corruption Free India

India though the seventh largest country and the first largest in terms of constitution kneels down to corruption.

Corruption, according to the Oxford English Dictionary, is defined as “an act of dishonest or fraudulent conduct by those in power, typically involving bribery”. A 2005 study conducted by Transparency International in India found that more than 45% of Indians had first-hand experience of paying bribes to get jobs done in public offices successfully. Corruption has pushed its ugly head into many walks of life that people like us cannot differentiate between right and wrong. It frequents when selfish motives and impatience are put ahead of law and order. India has now become a consideration state where everything can be had for a consideration. At one time, bribe was paid for getting wrong things done but now bribe is paid for getting right things done at right time.   

I will tell you a fun task. When you google the words,  ‘Corruption in India’ you will find Wikipedia holds an entire page devoted to describing it, rather if you try a different country, say USA, you will find Wikipedia doesn’t show such a page in its search results.  

Why Corruption? You step into an office and find that you are one document short, or have come at the wrong time. Why worry? As long as you have your pockets full! Or haven’t you witnessed the exchange of notes between traffic offenders and traffic police? A quick getaway. No matter how incredible the nature of the crime, a quick flash of a green note renders all sin cleansed.

The 2G scam for instance! Who do you think deserved that many crores of rupees that were engulfed by the government? The already well fed and allowance provided ministers or the poor, needy and road side dwellers? Corruption denies growth, reach of proper help and disturbs development pulling down the entire nation.

The Commonwealth Games incidents ashamed the nation. When people route the flow of cash to their already full bellies rather than building proper infrastructure, it takes away the right to be proud in front of foreigners. Wouldn’t they scoff at us? Aren’t we responsible too?

Anti Corruption Movements sell lesser tickets than reality shows. People seem to prefer watching who would dance or sing better than worrying about who are draining their pockets. They claim it is someone else’s business. Let visionaries worry about India 2020, why us? Is that excuse reasonable enough?

The reason why government offices are pointed to as examples for corruption is because the occurrence is frequent, omni present at times. Corruption can also be seen in private offices in various instances.

It doesn’t mean that corruption goes unchecked in our country. The Right to Information Act is a potential weapon if used properly can check corruption. The current haze around the Lokpal bill also shows confident support and faith in such activisms. India is evolving, but not rapid enough. Citizens must actively keep track of the government proceedings. The middle class mentality must change especially the non voting upper middle class.

Foolproof laws should be made so that there is no room for discretion for politicians and bureaucrats. People should have a right to recall the elected representatives if they see them becoming indifferent to the electorate. Funding of elections is at the core of political corruption. Electoral reforms are crucial in this regard. Responsiveness, accountability and transparency are a must for a clean system. Bureaucracy, the backbone of good governance, should be made more citizen friendly, accountable, ethical and transparent. More and more courts should be opened for speedy & inexpensive justice so that cases don’t linger in courts for years and justice is delivered on time.

As a citizen of this country, in respect for the freedoms and rights given to us by the forefathers of the Indian Constitution, it is imperative that we abolish the very stems of Corruption.

As long as corruption stays, poverty accompanies it like a very dear old friend. Stacked up like a pack of dominoes, pushing down corruption will let the entire stack fall down right away. No one is responsible for fighting against corruption alone. Instead the entire nation, as united as they would be during a cricket match must face this evil.

Irony is it not? That it is on these notes that our Mahatma keeps smiling, patiently waiting.  

Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Fashion of Digitized Education

As usual with any trend that springs up in the west, digitization of education material has also caught up like wild fire in our culture. Educational software is basically a computer software that deals with teaching or aid learning of a certain subject. It is not restricted to any certain age group and caters to different people based on need. Educational software can vary from teaching simple rhymes, alphabets to softwares that help solving intricate logic and problem statements.

The softwares can be classified as children’s learning and home learning, Courseware, Classroom aids, Assessment software, Edutainment, Reference software, Educational software, Computer games with learning value, Corporate training and tertiary education.

The simplest form of educational software is the famous google search engine. One stop for all queries and doubts. There are many brands in India that offer a certain subject. Learning can be offline or can also use the help of the internet.  

Like fashion, a sudden peak in growth of such softwares in the 21st century can be observed. Educational Softwares represent the intellectual growth in Indian Society, the acceptance towards change and embracing it for a common growth. They add a new taste to educational and symbolize India’s acceptance towards change. Visual representation and animations, helps children or adults learn and understand the engraved concept of the subject. It lets them probe deeper and answers questions that might perplex teachers. Such softwares are a result of a combined effort of teachers, intuitionalists, software engineers and animators. This allows a healthy mix of expertise and adds a completely different view to teaching concepts that classes might miss.

There are also long distance learning facilities that enable the teacher to be placed in some place away from the student who on the other hand may be located in a rural area. Also, conferencing between different students may help share their differences and help them understand different aspects of people around the world.

Such trends also allow for increase in number of such softwares that only aims to sell its produce rather than actual promote its real intent. Owing to the increase in market and the greater demand for such softwares, several small scale companies have established themselves.

Nothing can ever substitute the classic teacher student bond. Classroom teaching was designed so that the student can actually form a relation with a complete stranger; learn proper form and manner as along with intellect. Such attributes clearly are absent while using a software.

Every individual has a different level of intellect. Their level of grasping varies. A good teacher can understand the absorbance of a student and can allow attending to them aptly. This is also absent in a software which being an inanimate set of codes serve only one method of approach.

Even though the negatives may suggest a strong anti impression for the motion, the presence of such softwares explains a positive presence in the educational system. Motions to include such software along with normal teaching will surely ensure a brighter mind and can inculcate better opportunities for students to explore the world around them. 

Friday, October 15, 2010

To Speak, To Survive

To speak is to express, to create a firsthand impression of thyself. Speaking is an art, either an inborn skill or an acquired talent. Yet, it’s an art

Respected Staff and dear friends, I will be talking on the topic, To Speak, To Survive.

Have you ever heard a presentation and later realized how attracted you were to the presenter? No, not that kind of attraction. I mean that you felt connected and uplifted while you were listening. You came away feeling happier. The speaker was so eloquent that you were touched in some way.
Even if the presentation was about selling shoes!

That quality you experienced is called charisma. Webster defines charisma as “that special spiritual power or personal quality that gives an individual influence or authority over large numbers of people.”

A charismatic speaker leaves an impression on the audience, large or small, that makes them want to come back for more. It’s just what you want if you are trying to sell or influence a customer. Charisma is not just for selling; the best university professors are often charismatic speakers as well.

We associate charisma with preachers, like Billy Graham, or old-time politicians, such as Winston Churchill.

I have been always fascinated at those who have the gift of the gab. Yadda Yadda, Jabber Jabber. I still find it difficult to manage talking in front of a public audience, keeping in mind the way I pose, the way I use my hands, the way I make eye contact, the way I check my stage fear, and still manage to keep the message I wanted to deliver loud and clear. Huge!

Speaking always fascinated me, but never let me take command of it.

Charismatic speakers look good, they have a stage presence.

I’m not suggesting that you do something about the size of your nose. The good appearance that you associate with a charismatic speaker is something different and has inner and outer qualities. From the outside, dress your best, always in conservative, modest clothing

A good speaker doesn’t mean he just knows how to mesmerise the masses, he is a good listener too.

A successful speaker also knows how much information the audience can absorb in one sitting without losing interest. The presentation must be cogent with a logical beginning and an appropriate ending.
The voice is probably the most valuable tool for any speaker. The listeners may have difficulty and feel uncomfortable hearing voices that are too fast, too loud, too soft, etc. A good speaker knows how to modulate his voice without changing the original nature of his voice.

Experienced speakers lower their voice to draw the audience in, and raise their voice to stress a point. A voice that carries fear can frighten the audience, while a voice that sounds humorous can get the audience to smile and remain cheerful.

Your body communicates different impressions to the audience. People not only listen to you, they also watch your body language. Adopting a good posture tells your audience that you know what you are doing and you care deeply about it. Also, a good posture helps you to speak more clearly and effectively
Speaking is like a battery source with double extra reserve. Quickens your day, and to where you land up at the end of it. Mannerisms, speaking not only gets people here or there, it also defines his mannerism, the way he carries himself, the way he keeps his head, etching his status and stand in society, apparently it goes a long way in being important compared to his Rolex, Raymonds or Rolls Royce.

Mark Antony’s speech over Caesar’s death bed is the best I have known so far, the way he captures the attention of the people and the way he instigates them to work his whim is hugeness. The craftiness, play and deliverance. Simply Brilliant.

At the end of a speech, the audience should be able to feel the impact the creator had put upon them, assuring that yes, he did make an impression today. And that is a really good speaker. With the proper pinch of Charisma

Sunday, August 15, 2010

India, 64 years!!

            India has always been a mixture of issues. It is super shiny on one side and super dull on the other. It manages to capture the world’s glance in varied aspects. But, visionaries have been watching it grow under the hands of huge names. And they have been guessing, for a long time her future. And still are. Personally, and a little help from the Goldman Sachs’s paper, here are my list of areas where India should be focusing on, 64 years from independence for the Dream Vision.

Improve Governance

India prides in having the longest and the most detailed constitution of the world. Also, contemplating the various sects seen here, it is sure a huge law book. On the other hand, the government is not up to the norms. The government as in the governing heads. Governance problems stem from the increasing inability of the government and public institutions to deliver public services in the face of rising expectations. India is a huge block with several petite distinct sections. So distinct and immiscible that is. By decentralizing provision of public services, the government can unbundle responsibilities across tiers of government to create checks and balances. The use of greater transparency and information can allow more accountability and increased citizen voice in ensuring good governance. Citizens do not organize to demand better services. Only a cumulative approach can question the massive law that stands desolate.

Improve Infrastructure

Power, Oil, Gas, Aviation, Roads etc form the backbone of Indian development. Or any other country for that matter. The problems of clogged airports, poor roads, inadequate power, delays in ports have been well-recognised as impeding growth. Indian companies on average lose 30 days in obtaining an electricity connection, 15 days in clearing exports through customs, and lose 7% of the value of their sales due to power outages. Currently, only 30% of India is urbanized. To help resolve financing issues, India needs to develop its capital markets. It has become increasingly evident that the government, by itself, will not be able to build the infrastructure. It has therefore moved to models of public-private partnerships. These have yielded some successes in areas such as road-building and ports, apart from the big success story of telecom.

Raise Basic Educational Quality

The Indian oomph factor comes a lot from the brains that have settled abroad. Geeks. But that remains the cream of the Indian layer. When you are asked to turn the incandescent lamps over the gross population of the country, the situation is not worthy to be grinning about.

Despite several bills like the RTE, Indian education system still has to go forth in pulling up the untouched masses. The distribution of government funds is major hindrance to the educational system. According to a recent study, 30% of the total educational funding goes toward higher educational institutions. This is an important factor as the percent of students enrolled in these institutions are much lower. Lack of education has resulted in growth of unemployment, poverty and substantial increase in the growth of population. Without hundreds of millions of Indian citizens receiving a better basic (elementary and secondary) education, it will be virtually impossible for India to achieve its ‘dream’ potential.  On the bright side, initiatives like “Teach India”, whose aim is to provide a platform to educated Indians to provide assistance in basic education to the unprivileged children have been launched. “Teach India” will connect educated individuals with the specialist education providers.

Women Empowerment

The cultural norms in India keep a check on the womanisation of sectors. One of the parameters that denote your family as BPL in Kerala is the presence of a woman run household. They are always regarded as the weaker species irrespective of the post they hold and the authority they command. India needs to focus on the other half of human being. India must adapt to let the mothers, wives, daughters you all know to sketch the path India is taking towards the coming future.  

There are several success stories about women. They are growing up, the modern Indian woman is. Lend them a hand or stay out of their way. Don’t be a hindrance to the wombs that gave birth to you.

Poverty and Population Explosion

It is mandatory for the inclusion of the above titles for any article on Indian Analysis. Poverty remains as the root of many of the high end issues as also being a part of several other issues. Poverty in India is widespread with the nation estimated to have a third of the world's poor. According to a 2005 World Bank estimate, 42% of India falls below the international poverty line of `21.6 a day in urban areas and `14.3 in rural areas. There are 421 million poor living in 8 north India states of Bihar, Chattisgarh, Jharkand, Madhya Pradesh, Orissa, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal. This number is higher than the 410 million poor living in the 26 poorest African nations.

Population and poverty are like the chicken and the egg question. Which one caused the other? It’s a closed loop. Include malnutrition, unemployment, homelessness and several others too.

Privatization of Sports Sector

Talent is no lacking in a huge country like ours. Being the 7th largest country of the world with varied ethnicities, India has ripe and rich talent for every sport form. But proper harvest is what is missing. Big time. Recognition and channeling of sportspersons is very weak. With huge focus on big shot games like cricket, others take the sidelines. The reason why Indians find it tough to secure Olympic medals, the reason why Indian sport means only cricket.

One of the initiatives in this aspect was the NBA held in India, where the government had tidied with Mahindra Group for the game.

Health Care Industries

India is a major spot for medical tourism attracting people from around the world. But the status of medical technology is weak. We have been importing almost 90% of our technical equipments from round the world. Kits for very common diseases like malaria are imported from places abroad where the diseases are never heard of. Huge scanning equipments like MRI, CT etc are all brought from foreign dealers. China has a great lead compared to us due to its manufacturing units present. Unless and until we establish ourselves in manufacturing and distribution of medical equipments, the cost of treatment will raise and proper health care would be unaffordable by the already needy masses.

Alternative Fuels

In the power sector alone, India plans to add some 70,000 MW in the next five years. The dominant source of power will be coal, which accounts for some 60% of power generation. Coal is infamous for its significant environmental effects, including gaseous emissions, high ash content, problems with disposal of ash, and its large emissions of carbon-dioxide. As an example, small-scale industries in Kolkata were found to contribute some 44% of overall particulate emissions in the central area as they were using coal-fired boilers. They were encouraged to convert from coal- to oil-fired boilers, and this reduced emissions by 98% from those units that implemented them.

With the raising population and demand for fuels rising everyday along with the depletion of common sources, promoting research for new alternatives must be stressed upon.

Space Technology

India is a world pioneer in space science. But the reach within the local Indian community is obsolete and stagnant. Integration of the extensive advancements of this field with the school going mass is not up to the mark. In order to pick and drop India ahead of all the pioneer countries of this field, awareness must be created in the student community. Space science also is restricted to organizations like the ISRO and so, establishing oneself in this field is very infertile.   

Improve Environment Quality

India’s high population density, extreme climate and economic dependence on its natural resource base make environmental sustainability critical in maintaining its development path. India has a rich and diverse array of plants and animals. Covering major hotspots and being the home to several creatures, India has in itself a notch amongst countries. Urbanization, industrialization and ongoing global climate change will take a heavy toll on India’s environment, if not managed better.

These are just the top ten that came into my mind. These are not the only areas where India must be sticking too. A holistic and complete outlook of issues must be notified and stressed upon. Looking forward for an ape-able India, Happy Independence Day.